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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3-D Origami Swan

I've been obsessed with origami lately, especially when there are so many great tutorials on YouTube where you can actually watch and fold paper with a real person, its fool proof! I stumbled across a photo of a 3-D origami swan on the internet and knew that I HAD to make it. First of all I am so impressed with the creativity oozing out of so many people and I am so thankful that they are willing to share their creativity with me!
The great thing about this tutorial is that it is one simple fold for every piece of paper that you see on the swan. Once you have all of your paper folded then you can simply start to connect them all to create your swan. The size of paper you use will obviously determine the size of your swan. I have seen little baby swans made and have also seen life size paper 3-D origami swans that will either blow your mind or scare you.
This first tutorial will show you how to make the base triangle fold that will compromise your entire swan: HERE
The second tutorial will show you how to start connecting them: HERE
Good luck!

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