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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cartoon Family Portraits

Acouple of years ago I came across an artist who created great little sketches and characters that were so whimsical and interesting and I decided to start doing some family portraits using a few of her ideas. Thats when I created a portrait of our little family on an old, discolored page ripped out of a dictionary. Of course I included Ben, myself and our then baby E. On or next to each of us I added a few details that were specific to us individually. I am holding a baking spatula, a paint brush and a crochet hook attached to a ball of yarn by my feet. Ben has his BYU insignia on his shirt, a power tool at his feet, a pen in his had, which he can almost never be seen without, and is shown whistling. I put E in a little carriage with one of his nick names as well as a soiled bib hanging on his carriage. E had HORRIBLE reflux as a baby, and when I say horrible I mean projectile vomit all day all the time. Consequently we had to buy him special almost full body bibs that he would wear constantly to shield himself from the mess. Hence the reason for a soiled and dripping bib in the picture :)

I have our family portrait framed on our wall and I noticed it the other day and it dawned on me that I hadn't yet drawn one with our special new addition. So in no time I whipped one up to add to our little Lichty family collection of drawn portraits. In fact I have started a whole pre marriage on our first date and another one for our wedding day sans children. 
Lichty family with newest addition, baby H

First date
Wedding Day
I have also had an opportunity to make a few family portraits for some friends and acquaintances as well. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all of them but here are two that I do have pictures of.

A portrait done for some good friends who had just moved into a new place

This is a portrait of the Collom Family, done as a birthday present +Tim Collom Gallery 


  1. amazing! you are so talented! I love your style xoxo

  2. Oh my word! These are the cutest things I've ever seen! So jealous of your talent!! (In a good way...)

    1. Thank you so much, they are a lot of fun to do!!


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