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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Framed Family Handprints

I am so in love with this project, for three reasons really...its absolutely adorable, personal, and is now a piece of art work that will be a memory of our family. This is such a great way to freeze your little family in time, via hand prints that is. It couldn't be easier to make either. I used a piece of cream muslin fabric for my background.  You could actually use just about any fabric, plain or patterned. Keep in mind though that you want your hands to stand out, they are the focal point, so you don't want a pattern that will be to distracting.
Once I had my fabric cut to the dimensions that would fit into my frame I frayed the edges for a little interest. Next I individually traced my husbands, my sons, and my hand on pieces of paper. I cut each out and then traced them lightly in pencil on my fabric. Then I chose a color for each of our hands and did a simple chain stitch with embroidery thread and a needle over my traced hands. 
I finished it off with the date at the bottom. And since we have another addition added to our family, I will be adding another little handprint by the end of the year :) And there you have it a fun family project that will always bring back fond memories and a smile to your face.

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