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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby Onesie Bouquet

Babies babies babies; it seems everyone I know is having babies this year! Its fantastic and so exciting! A recent baby shower I was invited to had slipped my mind and I found myself the day before rushing to the store to pick up something quick and easy to give. I opted on a few cute summer/fall outfits for the little girl to be but was unsatisfied with the idea of simple wrapping the clothes in a garment box and presenting them to the soon to be mother. I wanted a more creative way to present the gift.  Thats when I remembered a gift I give to all of my nieces and nephews on their 5th birthdays. I make them candy and toy bouquets. I attach their favorite candy and fun toys to wooden BBQ skews, wrap the skewers in green floral tape, stick the skewers into styrofoam that is placed in a heavy vase or pot and stuff in tissue and flowers to fill in the gaps. It really is a sight to be seen and almost a heartbreak to watch disassembled. 

For this occasion I decided to use the same technique just simply replace the candy and toys with the baby clothes and make a baby onesie bouquet. It is really really quite simple to be honest and took way less time than you would think. And the presentation and the expression on the mother to be's face is way worth any anxiety you may have of making this. 

Here are things that I used to make my bouquet:

  • container
  • popcycle sticks (they were sturdier to use with the clothes than the BBQ skewers I normally use
  • rubberbands
  • filler flowers
  • tissue paper
  • styrofoam to secure popsicle sticks and flowers in place inside of basket
  • baby clothes, bibs, socks, beanies, etc.

I started by wrapping all of my baby gear onto the Popsicle sticks as follows.
fold over the tails of the bib onto itself
place the popsicle stick between the fold
and roll the bib, as tightly as you can, onto the stick
to hold the bib in place wrap a rubber band around the bib and stick.
Continue this process with all of your clothes and additional baby gear. Below I will show you how I wrapped a shirt for a further example.
here are all of my completed baby clothes flowers
Next up I placed tissue paper inside of my container and then placed my styrofoam square inside the same container, as this will be holding all of my clothes and flowers in place.
Now its time to start placing the sticks inside of your container 
Then simply fill in any gaps with your flowers.
And voila! Baby Onesie Bouquet!!

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