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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cardboard Christmas Tree

I just love Christmas and I am excited that this will be the first Christmas that our little Easton will be old enough to enjoy and get excited about. I have been trying to think of some fun crafts that I can do with him but he is still just a bit too young to do most. There is one however that I was able to involve him in, and that is our card stock/cardboard Christmas tree that we made together one afternoon.
I am telling you, he is soooo proud of this tree he helped make with me! Every time he sees it he points to it proudly, smiles real big and babbles off a few words of excitement. It is so precious! I had so much fun making this with E and it was super simple and something that kids can personalize with crayons, markers, paints, stickers, etc. 

All I did was take some old card stock we had lying around, you can also use cereal boxes or some cardboard you have handy as well, and made four 3-dimensional triangles for our tree. Each cutout has a triangle flanked by a triangle, flanked by another triangle. Each triangle also has a small flap on the bottom and one triangle has an extra flap on its side, see picture below. I made one small cutout, two medium ones and one large one.
After I had traced and cut my pieces out I let Easton color till his hearts content! This was obviously his favorite part and his most interactive for this project.
Easton's masterpiece!

Next I simply folded along each of my triangle and flap lines. I folded my 3-dimmensional triangle with the coloring facing the outside and glued the side flap to the opposite triangle and glued my bottom flaps over each other.
Then I used one of my medium triangles for my base, then stacked my largest triangle, then my second medium triangle, followed by my smallest. 
And for a little extra pizzazz I added a yellow pom pom for our bright shining star!
You gotta try this one, it so cute so easy and so cheap cheap!!

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  1. This looks like fun! I think I might know someone who would get a kick out of this as well. Love the ornaments & stockings, too!


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