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Monday, November 26, 2012

Crochet Christmas Stockings

My husband and I have been married almost 8 years and though we both love Christmas we have never really taken the time to decorate the house for the season.  Last year my son was just 6 months old when Christmas rolled around and pretty much slept the month of December away so I didn't really feel guilty not spreading the Christmas joy by decking the halls with berries or stringing popcorn garland around the house. 
This year however I have realized that my son being 1 year and a half would probably get a real kick out of all of the Christmas decorations and tree and we are trying to make a better effort. That being said, I waiting a wee bit too long to start my 5 page list of Christmas decoration projects I had in mind! However I have made time to finish our three stockings to hang on the mantle! 
The first stocking is crazy simple. I used a single crochet throughout the entire project. (you can make a larger or smaller stocking by simply adding or subtracting single crochets in step two then adding or subtracting accordingly in each following step) 
I started by:
  • Chain 3 and slip stitch with the first chain to form small circle. 
  • (13) Single crochet into circle.
  • (2) single crochet in each chain=28 single crochet
  • (1) single crochet in next stitch, then (2) single crochet is next stitch, continuing in that pattern, 8 more times.
  • single crochet in each stitch until you have desired length of sock before starting the heel

  • Chain in middle stitch of sock and single crochet around to opposite center of sock
  • chain one, turn
  • single crochet to opposite end, chain one and turn, repeating until desired width of heel is achieved.

  • Starting at the corner of the heel, single crochet across heel and up around foot down the other side, across other side of heel and continue to single crochet by attaching into the first single crochet at corner of heel.

  • Single crochet until you have reached desired height of your sock.
  • Finally simply sew together your open heel to fully enclose your stocking.
  • I added some pom pom ribbon to the top of my sock for a little extra something interesting.

For the second stocking I followed the pattern found here. It is four easy steps for each hexagon and then simply sewing each hexagon together to make your stocking. I just loved how it turned out. I'm thinking I love it so much that next year I will make each of us one with this pattern but using different colors for the flower. 


  1. When you do the row that says sc in one and 2sc in the next. Repeat eight times. Does that mean for 8 separate rows you repeat that same increase?

    1. Hi! Sorry for any confusion. Do one single crochet in first stitch and 2 single crochets in the next stitch and repeat that for just that row. Hope that makes sense. :(

  2. I love the second stocking, with the flower; however, the link no longer works so I wonder if you could provide the instructions for that pattern as well. Thank you so much. Leslie

  3. Was wondering what sized hook u used.


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