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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Tree Trunk Ornament

Before you toss that Christmas Tree to the curb keep a piece to remember it by! Saw off a piece of your tree trunk each year to make an ornament!! 

This project is super easy and can be as cheap as Free! All you really need is a piece from your tree trunk and an eye hook or drill a small hole in your disk to string a thread through to hang it with. And if you are feeling so inclined and creative you can add some sparkle and fun with some ribbons, beads, glitter, or whatever it is you want to personalize your ornament with.
Start by screwing an eye hook into the top of your trunk disc or you can even drill a hole straight through your disk and then string some thread or ribbon through to hang it with.
Next write the year that your tree was used in. You can either leave it at that or add some embellishments. 

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