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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mason Jar Projects

I love mason jars! And it seems I am inundated with them of late as we have consumed the contents of our home canned tomato mason jars. There is never a question of what to do with them since thanks to Pinterest there are endless possibilities of crafts using mason jars  
Some of my mason jars I like to keep a-la-natural and use them as drinking glasses and some I like to jazz up a bit, so I started a few easy projects I thought I would share and included some of my favorite Pinterest mason jar crafts. 

Simply spray painting a mason jar makes a world of difference. Its amazing how much more the raised glass etching stands out once it has some color on it.
After finishing up a ginormous pickle jar I decided to wrap it with some fun ombre-ish yarn and throw some flowers in it.
For one mason jar project I simply stuck a photograph inside of the water, no olive oil(come on, you've all seen the olive oil mason jar picture frame floating around pinterest, right!!) and no lid even needed, and letting the glass do all the work to showcase, distort and display your family photo. And to finish it off I glued a fun pom pom ribbon around the edge.
Ben when he was a baby
One very practical use I have found for a mason jar is as a cupcake liner holder. It is worlds upon worlds easier having all of my liners in one spot perfectly neat and pretty than it is to have 7 different sized wobbly misshapen containers shoved in the corners of my cabinets. It actually makes me smile a bit when I open my  cabinet door and see these pretties looking down at me...its the little things!
I also love to use mason jars to store some of my favorite things that I otherwise don't know how to rock collections or all of my yarn trimmings from my different crafts.
Here are some other fun ideas that others have thought of to use their mason jars for:


Dessert Jars

Pin Cushion

Olive Oil Filled Picture Frame
Makes ya wanna go out and get some mason jars, doesn't it!!! :)

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