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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Tie Dye Tissue Paper

Most of the time I don't have wrapping paper on fact this was the reason for this very dye job tutorial...I needed wrapping paper and didn't have any. But I do however most always have tissue paper. And my favorite thing to do whether I have wrapping paper or not, is use dyed tissue paper to wrap presents. It is a bold and beautiful statement piece and one that your recipient will want to admire more than unwrap! 

My family has been tie dying tissue paper for over 40 years. I can vividly remember helping my mother dip tissue paper in different dyes when I was just a young girl. And of course the best part was unfolding the paper to see your design. I am in loooove with this DIY project!! You can dye and wrap in less than 30 minutes, and because it is so simple I'm sharing it with you!

Start by folding your tissue paper accordion style lengthwise
Next, fold one corner over into a triangle and continue folding until you reach the end of your tissue paper.
Continue that process until you have as many tissue paper triangles that you want. 
Attach a rubberband loosely around one corner of the triangle to hold the tissue paper in place.
Next, either squeeze or dip your triangles into dye. 
CAREFULLY unwrap your triangles and lay out to dry.
Once dry you can use them to wrap a present or stuff into the top of a bag present.

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