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Friday, February 1, 2013

Bye Bye Baby

Easton has had more hair colors than I can keep track of and having lost his hair once he has now been blessed with another head of hair...hopefully this time its permanent! :)
Recently we were working on growing out a really sweet mullet. Not a strange and almost creepy Billy Ray Cyrus kinda mullet but an adorable baby mullet. The kind where the long hair starts to curl and flip so perfectly that you have been accused by perfect strangers of using a curling iron to style your sons hair!
It wasn't until waiting in line at Walgreens to get my flu shot when someone mistook my adorable son who was also sporting a mohawk and wearing all blue, for a GIRL, that I decided to rethink the further growth of his mullet. That's when I made the phone call to my father and mother, hair salon owners, about the idea of cutting his hair. Before I knew it that very same day I found my self watching my father slowly and methodically cut all of my sons golden locks off.
January 8, 2013: the day by baby became a boy

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