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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Potty Mouth

I recently had a dream of potty training Easton. Specifically for two reasons. First being that it would be nice to just not change diapers anymore. Secondly and most importantly because Easton HATES having his diaper changed. Imagine trying to change a rabid raccoon's diaper and then multiply it by 5 rabid raccoon's, and you get an idea of what it is like to change E's diaper. I went so far as to purchase both a little potty as well as little man underwear  I was all in, and waiting for the perfect weekend to try the 3 day method that I have heard so many friends talk about. There was just one on earth one very important thing could have possibly slipped my mind I have NO idea. Obviously potty training includes pee but even more so includes poo. And Easton's poo is still as wet and explosive as when he was a newborn. How was I supposed to potty train a kid when I was changing three, yes three people, of these every day!!
This is what I found one afternoon when I opened Easton's door to gently wake him up from a nap. Of course it was the smell that hit me first. I knew I had a serious issue on my hands but I didn't know how bad until I got closer...
It turned out to be everywhere. On a book I let Easton take to bed, his face, his sheets, his nails. You name it, it was covered. Even looking at these pictures again brings back horrific aromas to my mind. 
So three day potty training method...ya, not gona least until the before mentioned bowel movements become waaaaaaay more solidly manageable :)

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