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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

If you're like me you have a craft stock pile with a random assortment of supplies for things you've done, you wanna do or for things you had good intentions of doing. Every so often I try and go through my stock pile and see if there isn't anything I can use for a handy project or if its finally time to donate them to the trashcan. This time I found a pile of felt squares from a project I did two years ago. Since I have been on the "make my own Christmas ornament" kick I knew I could use them for something! I was thinking of something along the lines of a Christmas tree ornament but the colors weren't quite what I had in mind. As you can see that didn't stop me!! Who said a Christmas tree had to be green! :)

Materials I used:
  • Felt
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • pen
  • circular object(s) to trace

  • I started by picking the order in which I wanted my colors for the tree then starting with the widest part of the tree I traced a circle and cut out the felt. I cut three circles for each color. Then I cut out a slightly smaller circle for my next color and so on and so on until you have your smallest circle for the top of your tree. 
  • I then traced and cut out a small star to top my tree. 
  • Next I threaded a needle and starting with the base of the tree ran it through the felt all the way to the top and through the center of the star to secure and finished by tying a knot at the top to form my hook.
  • Then I cut a long strip of brown felt and rolled it up to make my trunk. I glued it to the bottom of my tree to finish it off.
    Happy ornament making!

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