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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Almost 9 years ago I was given a challenge to say a prayer of thanks. Just a prayer of THANKS...not a prayer filled with "Help me..." or "Comfort me...", etc. I often remember this challenge and especially during this season of Thanksgiving. Stopping to really reflect, I mean really reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, from our 5 toes to a rising sun, is almost overwhelming. It is a prayer that has the potential to leave me on my knees for days and days and something I hope to incorporate into my  life more often than once a year. And why not start by giving thanks to my incredible family with whom I am so grateful and thankful to live so close to and to have spent a really amazing Thanksgiving holiday with this year. Every time we get together the day and the food goes way too fast!!  

All the ladles...well 4 of the 6 ladies were in the kitchen cooking up one of the best Thanksgiving dinners to date!
And the two little knuckleheads were having fun causing a ruckus in the kitchen with us.
The boys were kicking back watching football in the livingroom
There was a little play time outside...
and a little play time inside
After we ate our weight in food, we changed into our stretchy pants and went for a little walk.
We stuck Easton and Hazen in a wagon for the stroll. It was a tiny wagon....with a 1/2 inch side lip....with two big boys inside.
The first 30 seconds went fine...
and this is what took place the rest of the walk! :)
Already looking forward to next Thanksgiving!!

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