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Saturday, December 22, 2012


It was time...dun dun dun...for Easton to meet Santa. Ya it may have been nice to have him sit quietly on Santa's lap and smile for a picture but secretly I really wanted that great picture that we have all see of a child screaming to get off of this crazy guys lap who has long white hair growing from his face and is wearing an over-sized robe and a big red hat. I know, that sounds kinda mean and wrong to have that wish and I musta been good this year cause Santa granted it for me! 
A little blurry...but I'll take it!
At first he was very receptive and walked right up to Santa and gave him a big grin and a wave.
Come to find out that is the closest that he wanted to get...
Get me outa here!
Maybe next year!
Merry Christmas from the Lichty's to you and your family!

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