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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 12'

I love Christmas, and I love that I live so close to my family that I can spend time with them on Christmas! This year we had our Christmas feast with the whole family on Christmas Eve.
Ben's not looking, Scott cant be seen cause hes taking the photo and porters head is cut off but its the best shot we got :)
And one of my favorite parts of our Christmas get togethers started 6 years ago in a movie theater in Brentwood California. Six years ago is when Ben and I first saw the movie Dan in Real Life. The families of the movie get together each year for their annual Christmas talent show. I nearly came unglued!! This was the only thing missing from our family Christmas celebration each year. Now all I had to do was pitch it to my family and hope that they would be wiling participants in this new tradition. I must have been very convincing because we haven't missed a talent show yet! Of course "talent" is used very loosely in regards to our shows :) but they are always fun, hilarious and sometimes nail biting. Best of all, we video tape them each year...oh the hilarity!!
Each year we have a new talent show host who of course has to wear one of the Hideous host Christmas sweaters. This year the twins co-hosted for us.
Here's just a sampling of some of the acts....
Dad giving the little ones a tutorial of how to brush your teeth the right way
A few jams on the xylophone from me
Mom and the Campbell kids signing a song
Ben juggling oranges
I'm preforming the helicopter with a hoola hoop
McKenzie and Sarah singing a top ten pop song
Porter singing and signing a song
I married a king!!!...and I love him!!
On Christmas day we started our morning off my opening a few presents with big E. To our surprise he was really in to it this year!
 He was loving the new mini chair his grandpa got him
After presents we set out with my folks to enjoy our annual Christmas tacos at a little shop in Lodi. Two years ago I was pregnant and craving a dirty little authentic taco. It was Christmas day and even though Ben, my parents and I knew there was no way any restaurant would be open, we set out on the open road anyway. To our utter and glorious surprise a small family owned authentic Mexican taco shop was open and I feasted on more tacos than I would like to admit. Ever since that day we have made it a tradition to eat there on Christmas with my parents. This year was no exception. That is until we drove up and our little taco shop was CLOSED!!!! Bah Humbug!!! So we drove up and down and around Lodi looking for a replacement only to find that the only three restaurants open were iHop, McDonald's and Scrambles. None of us had ever been to Scrambles so we tried our luck! It wouldn't have mattered where we ate because we always have a great time when we are together.
We hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas filled with food, fun and a peaceful remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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