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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Headboard Anniversary

Yes, its that time, the 2 year anniversary of my favorite headboard ever! I am such a lucky lady to have such a  wonderful and handy husband. One day about a year ago I pointed to a photo of a wood headboard and said "I want this, can ya make it for me sweetie?!" Of course he could...and make it he did!! We had just pushed out our fence line in our back yarn and used new wooden boards to do so. That meant we had an incredible pile of old wooden planks that were already gorgeously aged. The timing could not have been better. Ben laid out the planks, made some cuts and voila, my favorite headboard was born. Maybe just maybe a little something to do with me loving my headboard so much might have included the fact that we purchased our first king size bed at the same time.

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