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Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Changing Table Cover

I've got baby baby baby on the brain these days... and for good reason! Its almost time for our little baby to arrive!! So in preparation I am trying to get his little nursery ready so that I wont have to worry a thing about it when he arrives. We transferred E's crib and dresser/ changing table into the new babies room and gave E a big boy bed and new dresser, which he looooves! And since the new nursery will have a different theme than E had I decided I did not want to use the same color changing pad cover. Not to mention I thought I would give baby #2 the courtesy of having a fresh and clean cover as opposed to one that has seen more dirty bums than I would like to admit over the past 2 + years. 

I am always trying to do things on the cost effective side and I didn't want to have to actually purchase a new changing pad cover. Thats when my hoarding tendencies payed off! When Easton was born I  was gifted nearly 30 blankets. 30 people! Apparently women across the world are worried about children going cold! :) Despite knowing that Easton would never ever use all of these blankets, I couldn't help but keep them. So I have been storing them for over 2 1/2 years now and finally it has payed off! Well, at least it payed off to save one of them. I pulled out a really soft blue blanket that was big enough to make a cover and that I knew would look great in the new nursery.

I started by draping my blanket over my uncovered changing pad. If you are using a pattern that is only on one side you will want to have the wrong side facing up at you while doing this. Next I brought together the extra fabric at each corner and pinned it like I was making a dart. I did this for all Four corners. 

Then I sewed each dart, and cut off the excess fabric.

I turned my blanket right side out and placed it onto the changing pad to make sure everything fit nicely. 

 Next I flipped my blanket wrong side out again and sewed elastic along the entire opening. Once the elastic is attached you are all set. Slip on your cover and start changing diapers!

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