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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Clean and Reuse Candle Jars

So many times I have wished that I could save a candle jar after having burned the candle down to the end of its wick. Especially when the jar is so beautiful like my favorite candle for Anthropology. Half of the reason I bought this candle was because I loved the colored glass, pattern and lid. So when I was finished burning the candle I literally kept it sitting on my counter for a few months deliberating what to do with it. I envisioned spending hours with a knife and an old sponge trying to remove all of the left over wax and soot.  Turns out, its WAY easier than I thought to turn it from greasy and dirty to looking brand new. And it only took me 2 minutes of actual cleaning time, and gave great results! I will be doing this with all of my favorite candle jars forever!!!!!



All you need to do is pour boiling water into your candle jar and forget about it for awhile. 

The wax will actually start to melt and rise to the surface. 

Once your water is completely cool you can brake the solid piece of wax at the top of your candle and remove it along with any remaining wick. 

Then just clean out your candle jar with soap and water and if any wax remains try using vinegar or olive oil to remove left over residue. Works like a charm!!

*A few notes to remember*

  • Do not pour your waxy cooled water down your drain. Instead try pouring it outside in the dirt. You do not want to clog your pipes with wax while trying to reuse your candle jars.
  • Do not use a good sponge or towel to remove any leftover waxy residue unless you are no longer planning on using it again.

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