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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fancy Ones

Ben and I have not been on a date in almost 2 years...technically speaking I mean. We've been on dates per say but they have always been chaperoned by our sweet little son. I know, I know, we were long overdue!  
My parents surprised us with a gift certificate to a local restaurant and told us they would babysit Easton. For Ben, leaving Easton is no big deal...he does it everyday for work. For me however, I can count on half of a hand how many times I have left our son and it has always been with Ben and for just a short hour or so. But it was time! Time to spark our engines again and spend some time getting googley eyed over one another. I had gotten myself ready and dressed and stepped into the living room to visit with my parents while Ben got himself ready. not to my surprise Ben came back out looking his sharp self ...except there was something else going on that I couldn't help but notice...he was wearing slippers. I chuckled and said "So your wearing slippers to dinner tonight, huh?!"

He replied " But they're my fancy ones!". Oh my goodness I almost died laughing. His fancy slippers! Is there such a thing as fancy slippers?!Apparently there are, I stand corrected. Just had to share! What a guy!! :) 


1 comment:

  1. hahaha! i could totally see kevin doing that but he doesn't have any fancy ones, just regular old slippers. too funny!


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